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SIM cards for lift emergency calling phones

Cmobile provides SIM cards for emergency calling from lift phones on dual networks, providing seamless connectivity. Unlike most mobile service providers, Cmobile can provide SIM cards on either the Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks, providing you with redundancy in the event a mobile network suffers an outage.

With unlimited calling plans starting at just $9 a month, we provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for lift operators.

No contract term, a secure management portal and a single monthly bill, its never been easier to manage your lift phones with Cmobile.

Give us a call on 1300 545 000 or email us at today to discuss your needs.

Mobile SIM network redundancy – dual SIM Cmobile

The recent nationwide Optus network outage really underlined just how reliant we are on being connected these days. Businesses were unable to take payments via EFTPOS, ATMs were offline, security cameras inoperable, Train services stopped, and even automated gates were rendered useless. Businesses relying on the Optus network were basically crippled for the duration of the outage.

On a personal level, vulnerable or aged family members were uncontactable, services like Uber were not able to be accessed, and the simple annoyance of not being able to communicate with friends and family were all impacts of the Optus outage.

Imagine if you were simply able to switch to a different network and continue to operate as normal with no impact on your business or life…Well, you can!
Cmobile is one of the few mobile carriers in Australia that has access to more than one network. This puts Cmobile in the unique position to be able to offer “network redundancy” to all of our customers, business and consumers.

Simply connect to one of our great value C Blue plans on the Telstra network, and for an extra $5 per month, we’ll supply you a C Red SIM, which is carried on the Vodafone network. This means you have peace of mind that if the worst happens, your business or lifestyle won’t be impacted. You may even find your C Blue plan with C Red network redundancy works out cheaper than you are paying now for one SIM!

If you have a dual SIM phone, you can have both SIMs in your phone. You are now able to switch to your backup SIM at the touch of a button. If your device only takes one SIM, you can carry the SIM in your wallet or purse, or even keep it in your desk in your office. The SIM is “plug and play” and ready to go as soon as you are. Bring your EFTPOS machine back online in minutes! All for just $5 per month.

Head to today, and check out all of our great value plans. They all come with no lock-in contracts and our all-Australian expert customer care.

Cmobile. The Choice is Clear!

Vodafone 3G network shutdown

Vodafone has announced that it will be switching off it’s 3G network on the 15th of December 2023. This is due to enormous growth in 4G and 5G technology, with the demand for data continuing to increase.

Who is affected by the Vodafone 3G Network Shut Down?
The vast majority of our customers will not be affected by the Vodafone 3G network closure. Nearly all handsets sold in the last 10 years are capable of 4G. However, if you currently have a C Red service, and your mobile phone/device is only capable of picking up a 3G signal, you will need to upgrade your device to a 4G or 5G capable device to continue with your C Red Vodafone based service.

How can I tell if my device is only capable of 3G service?
If your handset is displaying 4G or 5G at the top of your phone’s screen, it is not affected by the Vodafone 3G shutdown.
If your phone is displaying 3G at the top of the screen, you need to check if it is capable of picking up the 4G or 5G network. Please see the instructions below:

For iPhone Users:
If you have an iPhone 6 or higher, your device is capable of 4G. To switch your iPhone to the 4G network, Select settings/Mobile Data/Mobile Data Options, and Enable 4G. If you have an iPhone 5 or lower, your phone is not 4G capable and will need to be upgraded.

For Android Users:
Go to Settings/mobile networks/Preferred Network Type. This should display a list of the available network types. If you don’t see 4G in the network list, your phone is not capable of 4G and will need to be upgraded. If you do see 4G, select the 4G network, or auto network selection, and your phone will continue to work.

What sort of handset should I upgrade to?
You need to purchase an unlocked 4G or 5G capable handset. If you are unsure, or need assistance, Cmobile can provide you independent advice on what handsets would suit your particular needs. Call us on 1300 545 000 or email and we would be pleased to help. We do suggest that you buy your new handset from a reputable Australian retailer. Some of the handsets you see on websites such as Amazon seem very cheap, but can end up being not compatible.

Can I use the same SIM after the Vodafone 3G Network Closure?
All C Mobile C Red SIMs are capable of picking up the 4G network. In the case that you need a different size SIM, just contact our support team, and we will send you a new SIM, and move your existing phone number to the new SIM.

As always, if you have any queries, or need some further information, please email

Telstra 3G mobile network exit

Telstra is upgrading the mobile network to deliver a better experience for all users. As part of these improvements, the current 3G network will be retired and all users will move to the more modern 4G and 5G network. This will impact Cmobile customers who have a C Blue – Telstra network plan.

The current Telstra 3G mobile network (850Mhz band) will be retired on 30 June 2024. There will be no interruption to 3G services or network coverage prior to this date. After 30 June 2024, the mobile network will only support 4G and 5G devices. Note, your 4G device will need to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) to support voice calls. Most modern smartphones support VoLTE and WiFi calling which uses digital packet technology to route voice traffic and transmit data.

If you have a device that only supports 3G or it is a non-VoLTE capable 4G mobile device, it will cease to operate on the Telstra network after 30 June 2024. You will need to upgrade to a new device that supports 4G VoLTE and 5G networks to maintain your service.

If you are unsure if your device supports 4G or 5G, please contact us at or call us on 1300 545 000 and we will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

I have been told my device will stop working, why?
Telstra is improving the mobile network to deliver a better experience and move to a more modern, faster and energy efficient network. To do that, the old 3G network will need to be retired to support modern 4G and 5G technology. Devices that are 3G-only or not compatible with 4G will stop working once the 3G network closes. To maintain your service, you will need to upgrade your device to a suitable 4G or 5G device.

What do I need to do?
You must upgrade to a 4G and/or 5G compatible device to stay connected to your service. When you upgrade, be sure to confirm the device is compatible with the Telstra 4G and 5G networks by checking the specifications on the manufacturers website. If you are not sure you can always contact us to confirm.

How can I tell if my device is affected?
The best way to find out is to search for the specifications of the device online, visit the manufacturer’s website or ask the retailer where you purchased the device. You can also contact us for help.

Do I need a new SIM card if I upgrade my device?
Our SIM cards already work on the 4G and 5G network. You will only need to replace your SIM if the size does not fit in your new device. If this is the case, please call us to arrange for a replacement SIM card.

My device is 4G, but I received a notification about the 3G exit. Am I impacted?
If you received a notification about the 3G exit from us, then you are most likely impacted by the 3G exit. It could be that your 4G device is not VoLTE (or 4G voice) capable. Your 4G device will need to support VoLTE to make and receive voice calls once the 3G exit occurs.

What is VoLTE?
VoLTE is the next step in voice calling technology for mobile phones, enabling users to make voice calls over the 4G network. This means clearer calls and faster connection times. Users who have compatible devices will already have access to VoLTE and WiFI calling. When the 3G network closes, VoLTE will be required to make and receive phone calls.

Data Pooling for Business Mobile

Data pooling for business mobile is a feature on our C Blue plans delivered on the Telstra mobile network. Data pooling allows a business with many mobile services to share or pool the data across all their services. For example, if a business has 5 mobile plans with 20GB of data each, then a data pool of 100GB (5 x 20GB) will be available across those 5 mobile plans.

Data pooling can be applied to both handset and data SIM plans across the entire mobile fleet of any size.

Contact us on 1300 545 000 or email and we would be happy to provide you a quote for your business mobile fleet.

Databank for C Blue plans

Introducing Databank up to 500GB

Cmobile now offers databank on all C Blue mobile handset plans delivered on the Telstra mobile network. This means you will be able to save any unused data rather than lose it.

What is Databank?

Databank allows you to save (or bank) any unused data in the month. For example, if you have 20GB in your mobile plan but you only use 10GB in the month, you will bank the remaining 10GB. This means if you ever use all your included data during the month, instead of having to purchase additional data you will move to your databank to consume any data you have previously saved, or banked.

How big is my databank?

Currently, you can save up to 500GB of unused data.

How do I know how much data is in my databank?

Simply dial *159# on your phone and press the send button as if you making a call. Your phone will then display your current data remaining in your plan and your databank balance.

What happens if I leave Cmobile or change plans?

If you leave Cmobile, either to a competitor network or even to one of our C Red (Vodafone network) plans, you will lose any data saved in your databank. Additionally, if you downgrade a plan (e.g. move from your current plan to a lower priced plan) you will also lose any data accumulated in your databank. As long as you stay on the same priced plan or upgrade to a higher value plan, you will continue to save your databank up to the maximum 500GB.

Free Calls to Ukraine and surrounding countries

We are aware many Australians are anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones in Ukraine or who may have fled to neighbouring countries. As a result, beginning Tuesday, 1st March, C Mobile are making all voice calls, SMS, and MMS to Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania for free for the full month on any C Blue plan.

Free voice calls, SMS and MMS to:

  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

Cmobile SIM plans for seniors on a budget

At Cmobile, we understand many seniors are looking for a simple low-cost mobile SIM plan, with enough mobile data to perform basic day to day tasks. We also understand most people like to talk with an actual human who is there to help you if you need it!

That’s why we have designed the best SIM plans for seniors on a budget!

These plans have been designed with seniors in mind and feature the following:

  • SIM plans from just $9.90 per month
  • Unlimited standard national calls and text
  • Either 1GB or 2GB of monthly included data
  • Simple calendar month billing – not prepaid 28 day plans
  • No lock-in contract – you can cancel anytime with no penalty
  • A choice of either the Telstra (Blue plans) or Vodafone (Red plans) mobile networks
  • Reliable and fast 4G mobile networks
  • Award winning customer support
  • Keep your existing mobile number

See our seniors mobile plans here

Or you can see our full range of mobile plans here

If you need help please call us on 1300 545 000 or email us at

SIM card for kids smart watch

Smart watches for kids are becoming more common with the likes of Moochies, Spacetalk and Vtech brands available in Australia, just to name a few. These watches can give parents peace of mind to know where there children are via GPS location and an App on your smartphone and they also have the ability to make or receive calls or SMS.

However, one of the issues with these watches is that they require a SIM card for internet connectivity for GPS location and the ability to make and receive calls and SMS. Quite often, SIM plans can be expensive but with Cmobile, we have a range of low cost plans that can help keep your child connected. All our plans are month to month with no lock-in contract and we have a choice of either Vodafone or Telstra mobile networks.

SIM plans on the Vodafone network (C Red plans)

With our C Red plans, you can get an Annual Plan for just $50 per year which includes $50 of credit. Calls are charged at just 10c per minute and SMS at 10c per message sent. Data is charged at 2c per MB. Or if you need more, you can take our $5 per month plan which includes $5 monthly credit. Calls are charged at 9c per minute and SMS at 9c per message sent. Data is charged at 1.5c per MB. If you need even more inclusions, for $9.90 per month, we have a plan with unlimited standard calls and SMS with 1GB of monthly data.

Your watch should be able to support a 4G 850Mhz, 1800Mhz or 2100Mhz signal to be compatible with the Vodafone Australia network.

SIM plans on the Telstra network (C Blue plans)

With our C Blue plans, you can get a plan for just $12 per month with unlimited standard national calls and SMS and 1GB of monthly data. This is plenty to support all the calling / texting you need and more than enough data to support the GPS location connectivity. You can find this plan here.

Your watch should be able to support a 4G 700Mhz, 1800Mhz or 2600Mhz signal to be compatible with the Telstra mobile network.

Porting your mobile number to Cmobile – new Pre-port verification process

What is a port?
It is easy to bring your existing mobile phone number to Cmobile. Transferring your mobile number from one provider to another is called a “port”. When you sign up for a Cmobile SIM, you can provide us your existing mobile phone number and either your date of birth, if you have a pre-paid service, or your current account number if its a monthly billed service. We can then “port” your mobile number when you are ready to activate your Cmobile SIM.

What is pre-port verification?
Cmobile is legally required to verify that customers porting a mobile number to Cmobile are the rightful owner of that mobile number. This verfication process is known as pre-port verification, and it has been implemented industry wide to help prevent people from fraudulently porting other people’s mobile phone numbers.

How does it work?
When you activate your Cmobile SIM, a porting process is started to move your mobile number from your existing provider to Cmobile. When this process is initiated you will receive a 6-digit code via SMS to your phone with the mobile number being ported. You are required to enter this 6-digit code in the port verification window as soon as you receive it to complete the number port.

What do I do if I believe someone has fraudulently ported my number?
You should immediately report this to:
(a) the Australian Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police, and
(b) government services, such as Scamwatch and IDCARE, that supports customers whose mobile service number is the subject of an unauthorised port.

What should I do if the port does not work?
If you have any problems with the SIM activation or porting process, please call us on 1300 545 000 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.