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Cmobile launches nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans for Rural Australia

In a bid to improve connectivity in regional and rural Australia, Cmobile has launched its latest offering: NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans. This move comes as a beacon of hope for residents in remote areas who have long grappled with limited internet access.

The Sky Muster service, powered by the National Broadband Network (NBN), has been a crucial lifeline for those residing in regional and remote regions, delivering internet access via satellite technology. However, until now, users have often contended with slower speeds and restricted data allowances.

Cmobile has more than 10 years experience in providing mobile SIM plans on either the Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks. Now, there is an opportunity for customers to not only get a quality mobile service at a greatly reduced price, but also the ability to bundle their mobile with the nbn Sky Muster service. Our 100% Australian based team is ready to help customers in regional Australia with all of their connectivity needs.

Cmobile’s launch of the NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans aims to address customer pain points with unlimited data plans across three speed tiers, providing a significant boost to those reliant on satellite internet for both personal and professional use.

What Are NBN Sky Muster Plans?

NBN Sky Muster Plans are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of those living in regional and rural Australia. Leveraging advanced satellite technology provided by the National Broadband Network (NBN), these plans offer reliable internet access to areas where traditional fixed-line connections may be impractical or unavailable.

Why Choose Cmobile NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans?

We understand the challenges faced by residents in remote areas when it comes to internet access. That’s why we’ve tailored our NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans to deliver the best possible experience:

  1. Faster Speeds: Our plans offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps, ensuring smoother streaming, faster downloads, and seamless browsing.
  2. UNLIMITED Data Allowances: We believe that data should be plentiful, not limited. With our plans, you’ll enjoy UNLIMITED data allowances, so you can surf, stream, work, and connect with others without constantly worrying about exceeding limits.
  3. Reliable Connectivity: Whether you’re working from home, attending online classes, or staying in touch with loved ones, you can count on our reliable internet connection to keep you connected, no matter where you are.
  4. Affordable Pricing: We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality internet at an affordable price. That’s why our NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium Plans are competitively priced, ensuring that you get great value for your money.

Join Us in Bridging the Digital Divide

At Cmobile, we’re passionate about bridging the digital divide and ensuring that all Australians have access to high-speed internet, regardless of their location. With the launch of our NBN Sky Muster Plans, we’re taking a significant step towards achieving that vision.

Whether you’re in a remote town, a rural community, or anywhere in between, we’re here to provide you with the connectivity you need to thrive in today’s digital world. Join us on this exciting journey as we break down barriers and empower communities through the power of technology.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to experience the benefits of Cmobile’s NBN Sky Muster Plans for yourself? Visit our website today to explore our range of plans and find the perfect option for your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly team is always here to help. You can call us on 1300 545 000 or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Cmobile as your trusted provider of high-speed internet. Together, let’s unlock the potential of connectivity and build a brighter future for all Australians.

vodafone plans

Exploring the Versatile Cmobile C Red Mobile Vodafone Plans on Vodafone’s Network: No Lock-in Contracts and Award-Winning Support!

Cmobile is one of the very few mobile service providers that can offer Vodafone plans and Telstra plans. Our C Red plans are on the Vodafone network and are a terrific option for people living in urban or regional areas, and those on a budget. Our C Red Vodafone plans, like all of our plans feature no lock in contracts and are backed by our all-Australian based award winning support team.

Understanding C Red Mobile Plans on Vodafone’s Network

C Red Mobile plans harness the power of Vodafone’s high quality 4G network to deliver a range of plans tailored to diverse user needs. With a commitment to providing exceptional service without the constraints of long-term contracts, our plans offer a variety of options designed to suit every lifestyle. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout features of C Red Mobile Plans:

1. No Lock-in Contracts

C Red Mobile Plans stand out for their lack of lock-in contracts, offering users the freedom to switch between plans or providers without facing any penalties or long-term commitments. This flexibility is especially beneficial for users who may want to test different plans or adapt their mobile services to changing needs over time. Whether users are exploring their options or seeking greater control over their mobile experience, C Red Mobile provides them with the ultimate flexibility and autonomy. With no constraints tying them down, users can confidently choose and modify their plans according to their preferences, ensuring they have the freedom to tailor their mobile services to suit their evolving requirements.

2. Versatile Vodafone Plans Options

Cmobile understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to mobile plans. That’s why we offer a diverse range of options to cater to various usage patterns and budgets. Whether you’re a light user who primarily needs basic connectivity or a heavy data consumer who streams content on the go, there’s a plan to match your requirements. With month to month  postpaid vodafone plans, users can choose the plan that best aligns with their preferences and usage habits. If your needs change you can switch plans with a simple call to our award winning Australian customer care team.

3. Award-Winning Customer Support

In a world where customer service can make or break the user experience, Cmobile sets itself apart with award-winning support. From responsive assistance to knowledgeable guidance, our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for every user. Whether you have questions about your plan, need technical assistance, or require help with billing, you can count on Cmobile’s support team to provide timely and effective solutions.

4. Network Reliability

Backed by Vodafone’s robust network infrastructure, C Red Mobile Plans offer exceptional coverage and reliability., You can trust in the strength and stability of Vodafone’s network to keep you connected. From crystal-clear calls to fast data speeds, Cmobile ensures that you can stay connected wherever you go, without compromising on quality.

5. Value for Money

In addition to offering unmatched flexibility and reliability, C Red Mobile Plans deliver excellent value for money. With competitive pricing and generous data allowances, users can enjoy premium connectivity without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a feature-packed plan with all the bells and whistles, Cmobile has you covered.


In conclusion, C Red Mobile Plans on Vodafone’s network offer a winning combination of flexibility, reliability, and exceptional customer support. With no lock-in contracts, versatile plan options, and the backing of Vodafone’s network infrastructure, users can enjoy the freedom to stay connected on their own terms. Add to that the assurance of award-winning customer service and excellent value for money, and it’s clear why Cmobile stands out as a top choice for mobile users. Experience the difference for yourself by exploring Cmobile C Red Vodafone Plans today!


Mobile phone plans

Mobile Phone Plans: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital age, mobile phones have become indispensable tools for communication, productivity, and entertainment. With a myriad of options available, finding the right mobile phone plan can be a daunting task. From data allowances to call inclusions and network coverage, there are several factors to consider when selecting a plan that suits your needs and budget. In this guide, we will explore the world of mobile phone plans, focusing on key aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Your Usage Patterns

The first step in choosing the right mobile phone plan is to understand your usage patterns. Take a moment to evaluate how you use your phone on a daily basis. Do you primarily use it for calling and texting, or are you a heavy data user who streams videos and browses the internet frequently? Understanding your usage habits will help you determine the amount of data, call minutes, and text messages you need in your plan.

Assessing Your Budget

Once you have a clear picture of your usage patterns, it’s time to assess your budget. Mobile phone plans come in a range of price points, so it’s essential to choose one that fits comfortably within your budget. Keep in mind that while plans with higher data allowances may seem appealing, they often come with a higher price tag. Consider your monthly spending limit and look for plans that offer the best value for your money.

Comparing Mobile Phone Plans

With your usage patterns and budget in mind, it’s time to start comparing plan options. Visit reputable mobile service providers like Cmobile to explore their range of plans and offerings. Look for plans that offer the right balance of data, calls, and texts to meet your needs. Pay attention to any additional features or perks included in the plan, such as international calling or data rollover, which can add value to your subscription.

Understanding Data Allowances

Data is perhaps the most critical aspect of any mobile phone plan, especially in today’s data-driven world. When comparing plans, pay close attention to the data allowances offered by each provider. Consider how much data you typically use in a month and choose a plan that provides an adequate amount without going overboard. Keep in mind that exceeding your data allowance can result in excess usage charges or speed throttling, so it’s essential to choose a plan with the right amount of data for your needs.

Considering Call and Text Inclusions

In addition to data allowances, mobile phone plans also include call and text inclusions. If you make frequent calls or send a lot of text messages, it’s crucial to choose a plan that offers unlimited or generous allowances for these services. Pay attention to any restrictions or limitations on international calls or texts, especially if you have friends or family overseas. Some plans may offer international calling packs or discounted rates for international communication, so be sure to explore these options if needed.

Assessing Network Coverage

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a mobile phone plan is network coverage. While most providers offer extensive coverage in urban areas, coverage may vary in rural or remote locations. Before committing to a plan, check the provider’s network coverage map to ensure that you will have reliable service in the areas where you live, work, and travel. Keep in mind that network coverage can impact call quality, data speeds, and overall connectivity, so it’s essential to choose a provider with robust coverage in your area.

Exploring Contract and Prepaid Options

When it comes to mobile phone plans, you’ll typically have the option to choose between contract and prepaid options. Contract plans require you to sign a long-term agreement, usually lasting 12 to 24 months, in exchange for discounted handsets or other incentives. Prepaid plans, on the other hand, allow you to pay for service upfront on a month-to-month basis, providing flexibility and control over your spending. Consider your preferences and financial situation when choosing between contract and prepaid options.

Making an Informed Decision

Choosing the right mobile phone plan requires careful consideration of your usage patterns, budget, and preferences. By understanding your needs and comparing plan options from reputable providers like Cmobile, you can make an informed decision that meets your communication needs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a light user who primarily uses your phone for calling and texting or a heavy data user who streams videos and downloads content on the go, there’s a plan out there that’s perfect for you. Take the time to explore your options, weigh the pros and cons of each plan, and choose a plan that offers the best value for your needs and budget.

business mobile plans, unlimited data mobile plans

Unlimited data mobile plans: Exploring the best options in Australia

Unlimited data mobile plans are beginning to emerge in the Australian mobile market and can be both a boon and a challenge for consumers. These plans promise boundless connectivity, liberating users from the constraints of data caps and overage charges. However, like any technological advancement, they come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Here we explore these in more detail:


  1. Connectivity: Unlimited data mobile plans provide users with unrestricted access to the internet, enabling them to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the clock. Whether streaming videos, browsing social media, or conducting business on-the-go, users can indulge in their digital pursuits without fear of exhausting their data allowance.
  2. Cost Effective: For heavy data users, unlimited plans can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional capped plans. With no overage fees or penalties for exceeding data limits, subscribers enjoy predictable monthly bills, eliminating the anxiety associated with unexpected charges.
  3. Versatility: Unlimited data plans can cater to diverse needs, accommodating individuals with varied usage patterns. Whether you use your mobile for gaming, streaming, or remote working, these plans offer the flexibility to adapt to users’ evolving requirements.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: Unrestricted access to data empowers professionals to work efficiently from anywhere, fostering productivity and collaboration. With seamless connectivity, employees can attend virtual meetings, access cloud-based applications, and share large files, enhancing workflow efficiency and business continuity.
  5. Entertainment On-the-Go: Unlimited data mobile plans unlock a treasure trove of entertainment options, enabling users to stream high-definition content, listen to music, and play online games without limitations. Whether commuting, travelling, or relaxing at home, subscribers can indulge in their favourite multimedia experiences without interruption.


  1. Network Congestion: As unlimited data plans attract a surge in data-hungry users, network congestion can occur, leading to slower speeds and degraded performance during peak hours. Subscribers may experience buffering while streaming, delays in loading webpages, and dropped connections in crowded areas.
  2. Throttling: To manage network congestion and ensure equitable access for all users, some carriers may throttle data speeds for subscribers. It is important to check the maximum allowed speed from your carrier. While these plans are advertised as “unlimited,” they generally impose speed restrictions compromising the user experience for heavy data consumers. This can become a frustrating experience for users.
  3. Fair Use Policies: Many unlimited data plans are subject to fair use policies, which impose caps on high-speed data usage before throttling or deprioritisation kicks in. Subscribers may encounter reduced speeds or prioritisation behind other users once they surpass these limits, diminishing the allure of unlimited connectivity.
  4. Hidden Fees and Restrictions: Despite the promise of unlimited data, some plans may come with hidden fees, fine print, or restrictions that catch subscribers off guard. Additional charges for premium services, international roaming, or tethering may inflate monthly bills, undermining the perceived value of these plans.
  5. Dependence on Coverage: The benefit of unlimited data plans hinges on robust network coverage and reliability. In rural or remote areas with limited infrastructure, subscribers may encounter dead zones or spotty coverage, diminishing the promise of unlimited connectivity.
  6. Cost: You may be paying for more than you need. The average Australian consumer uses less than 20GB of mobile data per month. If you’re an average user, you could be paying for unlimited data when you don’t really need it. For example, the cost of a Cmobile C Blue mobile plan with 22GB of data per month is just $26 with data banking included.


What unlimited data mobile plans offer?

Unlimited mobile data plans offer unparalleled convenience and freedom, empowering users to harness the full potential of the digital age. However, they are not without their pitfalls, including network congestion, throttling, cost and hidden restrictions. To make an informed decision, consumers must weigh the benefits against the downsides, considering their usage habits, budgetary constraints, and expectations for quality of service.

Ultimately, the key lies in finding a plan that strikes the right balance between affordability, reliability, and performance, ensuring a seamless and satisfying mobile experience.

Did you know, the average Australian mobile user consumes less than 20GB of mobile data per month? It is important to check your mobile bill over the past 6 months to gauge how much data you consume. At Cmobile, we don’t currently offer unlimited mobile data plans. However, we do offer data banking on all our C Blue mobile plans. This means any data in the month you don’t use gets saved up to a maximum of 500GB. This can be more attractive to users as the plans are more cost effective, the coverage and network superior and you are not throttled to a low data speed such as 20Mbps.

Free Calls Ukraine and surrounding countries

We are aware many Australians are anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones in Ukraine or who may have fled to neighbouring countries. As a result, beginning Tuesday, 1st March, C Mobile are making all voice calls, SMS, and MMS to Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania for free for the full month on any C Blue plan.

Free voice calls, SMS and MMS to:

  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
mobile plans for seniors

Cmobile SIM plans for seniors on a budget

Recognizing the unique needs of seniors seeking budget-friendly mobile plans for seniors, Cmobile takes pride in offering specially crafted SIM plans designed to meet the requirements of this demographic. At Cmobile, we understand that simplicity, low costs, and personalized assistance are key considerations for seniors in their quest for an ideal mobile plan. Our commitment to providing seniors with a hassle-free and cost-effective mobile experience is reflected in our thoughtfully designed SIM plans tailored exclusively for them.

I. Understanding Seniors’ Needs: Simplicity and Affordability

Seniors often seek simplicity in their mobile plans, focusing on basic functionality and affordability. At Cmobile, we have taken this into account, recognizing the need for straightforward and low-cost solutions. Our SIM plans for seniors start at just $9.90 per month, ensuring accessibility without compromising on essential features.

II. Features Tailored for Seniors: A Comprehensive Overview

Our SIM plans for seniors come loaded with features catering to their specific needs:

a. Unlimited Standard National Calls and Text: Seniors can stay connected without worrying about call or text limits, as our plans offer unlimited standard national calls and texts.

b. 1GB or 2GB Monthly Included Data: Recognizing the increasing importance of mobile data in daily tasks, our plans include either 1GB or 2GB of monthly data, allowing seniors to engage in basic online activities without exceeding their budget.

c. Simple Calendar Month Billing: We understand that the billing cycle can be confusing for some seniors. Therefore, our plans operate on a simple calendar month billing system, eliminating the complexity associated with prepaid 28-day plans.

d. No Lock-in Contract: Seniors have the flexibility to choose our plans without being tied down by lengthy contracts. Our no-lock-in contract policy enables them to cancel anytime without incurring penalties, providing the freedom to adapt their plans as needed.

e. Choice of Telstra (Blue Plans) or Vodafone (Red Plans) Networks: Seniors can choose the network that best suits their preferences – either the reliable Telstra (Blue Plans) or the Vodafone (Red Plans) network. This choice ensures optimal network coverage and performance.

f. Reliable and Fast 4G Mobile Networks: Our SIM plans leverage reliable and fast 4G mobile networks, ensuring seniors experience seamless connectivity and swift data speeds for their mobile activities.

g. Award-Winning Customer Support: Cmobile is committed to providing unparalleled customer support. Seniors can rely on our award-winning support team to address any concerns or queries promptly and efficiently.

h. Keep Your Existing Mobile Number: Transitioning to a new mobile plan doesn’t mean letting go of the familiar. Seniors can retain their existing mobile numbers, ensuring a smooth and familiar mobile experience.

III. Exploring Mobile Plans for Seniors: Options and Choices

Seniors can explore our dedicated seniors mobile plans on our website, offering a transparent and user-friendly interface. These plans are designed to cater specifically to the needs of seniors, providing a comprehensive solution that aligns with their budget and usage requirements.

Alternatively, our full range of mobile plans caters to a broader audience, ensuring that seniors can choose the plan that best aligns with their unique preferences.

IV. Assistance at Your Fingertips: Reach Out for Help

We understand that navigating mobile plans for seniors can be overwhelming, especially for seniors. Our commitment to personalized assistance is evident in our accessible support channels. Seniors can call us at 1300 545 000 or reach out via email at for expert guidance and assistance.

V. Conclusion: Empowering Seniors with Affordable Connectivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile plans, Cmobile stands out as a provider committed to empowering seniors with affordable and tailored connectivity solutions. Our SIM plans for seniors reflect our dedication to simplicity, affordability, and personalized support. By offering features specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors, Cmobile ensures that this demographic can enjoy the benefits of modern mobile connectivity without breaking the bank. Explore our mobile plans for seniors today and experience the ease of staying connected with Cmobile.

kids smart watch

Ensuring Safe Connectivity: Cmobile’s Affordable SIM Card Plans for Kids Smart Watches

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, kids smart watch that are designed for children are gaining popularity. Brands like Moochies, Spacetalk, and Vtech are becoming common choices among parents in Australia. These smartwatches not only allow parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts through GPS location but also enable communication via calls and SMS. However, a common challenge faced by parents is the need for a suitable SIM card to enable internet connectivity for GPS functionality and communication features. While some SIM plans can be costly, Cmobile offers a range of budget-friendly options, ensuring that children stay connected without straining their parents’ wallets. All Cmobile plans are offered on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts, and customers can choose between the Vodafone and Telstra mobile networks.

C Red Plans on the Vodafone Network

Cmobile’s C Red plans on the Vodafone network cater specifically to the needs of parents looking for affordable connectivity for their kids’ smart watch. These plans offer a range of options to suit varying requirements.

  1. Annual Plan – $50 per Year:
    • Cost: $50 per year with $50 credit included.
    • Calls: 10 cents per minute.
    • SMS: 10 cents per message sent.
    • Data: 2 cents per MB.
  2. $5 per Month Plan:
    • Cost: $5 per month with $5 monthly credit.
    • Calls: 9 cents per minute.
    • SMS: 9 cents per message sent.
    • Data: 1.5 cents per MB.
  3. $9.90 per Month Plan:
    • Cost: $9.90 per month.
    • Inclusions: Unlimited standard calls and SMS with 1GB of monthly data.

It’s important to note that for compatibility with the Vodafone Australia network, the kids smart watch should support a 4G signal in the 850Mhz, 1800Mhz, or 2100Mhz frequency range.

C Blue Plans on the Telstra Network

Cmobile’s C Blue plans on the Telstra network offer another set of options for parents seeking reliable connectivity for their kids smart watch.

  1. $12 per Month Plan:
    • Cost: $12 per month.
    • Inclusions: Unlimited standard national calls and SMS with 1GB of monthly data.

To ensure compatibility with the Telstra mobile network, the smartwatch should support a 4G signal in the 700Mhz, 1800Mhz, or 2600Mhz frequency range.

Advantages of Cmobile’s Plans

  1. Affordability: Cmobile understands the importance of cost-effective solutions for parents. The range of plans is designed to be affordable, allowing parents to provide their children with connectivity without breaking the bank.
  2. Flexibility: All Cmobile plans operate on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts. This flexibility enables parents to choose, modify, or cancel plans as per their needs without any penalties.
  3. Network Options: Cmobile offers a choice between the Vodafone and Telstra mobile networks, providing parents with the flexibility to select the network that offers the best coverage and reliability for their specific location.
  4. Transparent Pricing: The transparent pricing structure of Cmobile plans ensures that parents are aware of the costs involved, eliminating any surprises in the monthly bill. The detailed breakdown includes charges for calls, SMS, and data usage.

Ensuring Compatibility

For seamless connectivity, parents should ensure that their child’s smartwatch supports the specific 4G frequency bands mentioned for the chosen network (Vodafone or Telstra). This compatibility ensures optimal performance and a reliable connection.

Conclusion of Kids Smart Watches

Cmobile stands out as a reliable and budget-conscious solution for parents seeking affordable SIM card plans for their kids’ smart watch. The range of options under the C Red and C Blue plans, operating on the Vodafone and Telstra networks respectively, provides flexibility and caters to various usage needs. With transparent pricing, no lock-in contracts, and a commitment to affordability, Cmobile empowers parents to keep their children connected in a safe and cost-effective manner. Choose Cmobile for peace of mind and worry-free connectivity for your child’s smartwatch.

Telstra SIM only plans, porting mobile number

Porting mobile number to your new Cmobile plan- new Pre-port verification process

In today’s dynamic telecommunications landscape, consumers often seek the flexibility to switch mobile service providers without losing their cherished mobile numbers this is called porting mobile number. The process of transferring a mobile number from one provider to another is known as “porting,” and it’s a convenient way for users to retain their identity in the digital realm. Cmobile, understanding the importance of this service, has introduced a new pre-port verification process to enhance security and prevent fraudulent activities.

What is Porting?

Porting mobile number to Cmobile is a straightforward process that allows you to bring your existing number with you when you switch providers. The process involves transferring your mobile number from your current provider to Cmobile, ensuring a seamless transition. When you decide to sign up for a Cmobile SIM, you can provide your existing mobile number along with relevant information such as your date of birth for pre-paid services or your current account number for monthly billed services.

The New Pre-Port Verification Process:

Cmobile, in compliance with legal requirements and industry standards, has introduced a pre-port verification process to ensure that customers porting mobile numbers are the rightful owners. This verification step plays a crucial role in preventing fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized porting of other people’s mobile phone numbers. Let’s delve into how this process works and what users can expect.

Activation and Porting Process:

Upon activating your Cmobile SIM, the porting process is initiated to transfer your mobile number from the existing provider to Cmobile. During this process, users receive a 6-digit code via SMS to the mobile number being ported. This code serves as a critical verification step and must be entered into the port verification window as soon as it is received to complete the number port successfully.

Security Measures:

The introduction of pre-port verification is a significant security measure aimed at safeguarding users from potential fraud. By confirming the rightful ownership of the mobile number, Cmobile ensures that only authorized individuals can complete the porting process. This adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities in the telecommunications domain.

Dealing with Fraudulent Porting:

In the unfortunate event that you suspect someone has fraudulently ported your mobile number, swift action is crucial. Immediate reporting to the Australian Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police is advised. Additionally, contacting government services like Scamwatch and IDCARE, which support customers in cases of unauthorized porting, can provide valuable assistance.

Troubleshooting Porting Mobile Number Issues:

While the porting process is designed to be seamless, users may encounter issues during SIM activation or porting. In such cases, Cmobile offers dedicated support through their helpline at 1300 545 000 or via email at The customer support team is ready to assist users, addressing any concerns or challenges they may face during the porting process.


Expanding on the significance of the new pre-port verification process, Cmobile recognizes the evolving landscape of digital security challenges. With cyber threats on the rise, ensuring the authenticity of users during the porting process becomes paramount. The 6-digit verification code sent via SMS serves as a robust defense against potential unauthorized access, acting as a digital handshake between users and Cmobile. This proactive approach not only safeguards individual users but contributes to the broader industry-wide efforts to curb fraudulent activities associated with mobile number porting.

Furthermore, the introduction of this verification step reflects Cmobile’s commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements and industry best practices. By aligning with regulatory requirements and implementing these security measures, Cmobile demonstrates a dedication to fostering a trustworthy and secure mobile environment for its users.

In an era where personal information is increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, Cmobile’s emphasis on security reassures users that their privacy is a top priority. This commitment extends beyond the initial porting process, fostering long-term trust and loyalty among users who value not only the convenience of number porting but also the assurance that their personal data is handled with the utmost care.

As users embark on their journey to port their mobile numbers to Cmobile, they can do so with confidence, knowing that every measure has been taken to protect their identity and information. The new pre-port verification process is not just a security feature; it’s a testament to Cmobile’s dedication to providing a reliable, secure, and customer-centric mobile experience.

phone porting protection

Cmobile’s Innovative Approach to Phone Porting Protection: Introducing the Porting PIN

Recognizing the gravity of cyber threats that continue to evolve, mobile users are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated hacking techniques, Cmobile has taken a pioneering step in bolstering security with the introduction of the phone porting protection “Porting PIN” – a six-digit secret number designed to enhance fraud prevention.

The Evolution of Cyber Threats:

Cyber thieves have been exploiting vulnerabilities in various digital platforms for years, with email accounts being a primary target. Banking details obtained through hacked email accounts have allowed criminals to transfer funds illicitly. In response, banks implemented a two-stage verification process, requiring users to input a verification code sent via SMS to their mobile phones before completing transactions. However, cyber hackers have evolved, becoming adept at executing phone porting protection schemes, posing a new threat to users’ security.

Understanding Phone Number Porting:

Phone number porting involves transferring a mobile number from one carrier to another. If hackers gain access to crucial information, such as your date of birth and mobile account number, they can exploit this data to port your number away from your carrier without your knowledge. Once they control your phone number, they can intercept SMS verification codes from banks, facilitating unauthorized access to your accounts and financial transactions.

Cmobile’s Innovative Solution: The Porting PIN

To counteract this emerging threat, Cmobile has become the first Australian mobile service provider to introduce the “Porting PIN.” This six-digit secret number serves as an additional layer of security during the porting process. Unlike conventional methods that use account numbers or dates of birth for verification, Cmobile’s Porting PIN is a unique and personalized code known only to the account holder.

Similar to an ATM PIN, the Porting PIN is a confidential credential that is not disclosed on any accounts or correspondence from Cmobile. Users are encouraged to treat it with the same level of confidentiality as their ATM PIN, storing it securely to prevent unauthorized access. This innovative approach significantly raises the bar for cyber thieves attempting to port mobile numbers without the account owner’s knowledge.

The Significance of the Phone Porting Protection PIN:

Cmobile’s introduction of the Porting PIN marks a significant milestone in mobile security, addressing a critical vulnerability in the telecommunications landscape. By requiring the Porting PIN for number porting instead of easily obtainable information like date of birth or account number, Cmobile has taken a proactive stance against fraudulent activities.

The Porting PIN acts as a deterrent, making it substantially more challenging for cybercriminals to execute unauthorized porting. Users can rest assured that their mobile numbers are safeguarded by an additional layer of authentication, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive personal and financial information.

Implementation Process and User Responsibility:

Setting up the Porting PIN is a straightforward process that occurs when users open a Cmobile account. Cmobile takes the initiative to establish this additional security measure, ensuring that users can benefit from enhanced phone porting protection without complicated procedures. It is imperative for users to keep the Porting PIN confidential, much like their ATM PIN, and avoid sharing it with anyone to maintain the effectiveness of this security feature.


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the tactics employed by cybercriminals. Recognizing the need for robust security measures, Cmobile has introduced the Porting PIN, a groundbreaking solution to counteract the rising threat of phone number porting fraud. This innovative approach reaffirms Cmobile’s commitment to user security and positions it as a trailblazer in the Australian telecommunications industry. With the Porting PIN in place, users can embrace the convenience of mobile number porting with the assurance that Cmobile is dedicated to staying one step ahead of cyber threats.

no excess data charges

Tips and tricks for no excess data charges

Everyone loves having a reliable mobile service, but very few of us love seeing excess charges on our bills so lets talk about some tips for no excess data charges. It’s fine to budget for the expected, but when you’re constantly racking up excess charges on your phone bill, especially for data usage, sometimes that budget can go flying right out the window, taking the hard-earned contents of your wallet with it.

How bad is the problem of excess data charges? Our research at suggests that in 2016, Australians spent a whopping $146 million on excess data charges. That’s a lot of money being spent in situations where a little prudent usage or careful checking could have saved you money rather than you wasting it. With our appetites for data-heavy services such as video messaging, Netflix streaming and online gaming only intensifying, it’s likely that this figure could rise if Australians don’t get wise and save their mobile data for when it’s really needed.

So how do you best manage your mobile usage to avoid no excess data charges? In a truly nuclear sense, you could always disable data usage on your smartphone entirely, but that’s a radical step that would limit the usage of your existing plan in frankly unacceptable ways. The thing is, you don’t have to be radical. Just follow these simple tips to get your mobile data usage under control.

1) Work out which apps are gobbling up your data.

Did you know that your phone tracks your mobile data usage by app? For iPhone users, head to Settings>Mobile Data to see which apps are the biggest culprits when it comes to data usage. Android users will find the same information in their Settings app, typically under Mobile Networks and then Data Usage, although this varies a little depending on your handset and Android version. If you find any apps that you don’t use any more eating up your data, uninstall them! For apps that you still want to use, keep an eye on any data spikes and consider limiting their background data usage so that they’re only eating up data when you’re using them.

2) Go offline for apps when you can.

Many Australians are big Netflix fans and it’s not hard to see why. The problem is that data usage on Netflix can easily chew up all of your data. Instead of streaming live while you’re out and about (where you may hit buffering issues anyway if you go into a tunnel or hit a very busy mobile cell tower), consider using Netflix’s offline viewing option to preload episodes of your favourite Netflix Original series before you head out. Competitors Stan and Amazon Prime Video both offer this feature for a wide range of TV shows and movies too.

3) Use public Wi-Fi (but use it smartly).

Loads of shopping centres, cafes and other public attractions now offer free public Wi-Fi to entice patrons through the door. Why not use their free services rather than your paid data? The one caveat here is that you shouldn’t perform any private tasks, such as online banking or sending photos, on such networks because you can never know who else might be snooping on your mobile traffic. The use of a VPN, or at least websites that use HTTPS, is a must if you want to browse privately.

4) Make sure you’re on the right plan!

If you’re always hitting your data limit before the end of the month, instead of paying the no excess data charges every time, have a look at some higher-tier plans. Yes, you’ll pay more upfront each month, but if you’re always blowing past the cheaper limit and paying loads in excess charges, upgrading your plan could actually work out cheaper in the long run. It’s also worth checking for features that let you simply drop data usage for your plan in your current billing cycle, as well as paying attention to usage alerts when they come through.

Alex Kidman is the Tech & Telco editor at and wrote this article on the tips for no excess data charges.