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Free Calls to Ukraine and surrounding countries

We are aware many Australians are anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones in Ukraine or who may have fled to neighbouring countries. As a result, beginning Tuesday, 1st March, C Mobile are making all voice calls, SMS, and MMS to Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania for free for the full month on any C Blue plan.

Free voice calls, SMS and MMS to:

  • Ukraine
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

Cmobile SIM plans for seniors on a budget

At Cmobile, we understand many seniors are looking for a simple low-cost mobile SIM plan, with enough mobile data to perform basic day to day tasks. We also understand most people like to talk with an actual human who is there to help you if you need it!

That’s why we have designed the best SIM plans for seniors on a budget!

These plans have been designed with seniors in mind and feature the following:

  • SIM plans from just $9.90 per month
  • Unlimited standard national calls and text
  • Either 1GB or 2GB of monthly included data
  • Simple calendar month billing – not prepaid 28 day plans
  • No lock-in contract – you can cancel anytime with no penalty
  • A choice of either the Telstra (Blue plans) or Vodafone (Red plans) mobile networks
  • Reliable and fast 4G mobile networks
  • Award winning customer support
  • Keep your existing mobile number

See our seniors mobile plans here

Or you can see our full range of mobile plans here

If you need help please call us on 1300 545 000 or email us at

SIM card for kids’ smart watches

Smart watches for kids are becoming more common with the likes of Moochies, Spacetalk and Vtech brands available in Australia, just to name a few. These watches can give parents peace of mind to know where there children are via GPS location and an App on your smartphone and they also have the ability to make or receive calls or SMS.

However, one of the issues with these watches is that they require a SIM card for internet connectivity for GPS location and the ability to make and receive calls and SMS. Quite often, SIM plans can be expensive but with Cmobile, we have a range of low cost plans that can help keep your child connected at a low cost. All our plans are month to month with no lock-in contract and we have a choice of either Vodafone or Telstra mobile networks.

SIM plans on the Vodafone network (C Red plans)

With our C Red plans, you can get an Annual Plan for just $50 per year which includes $50 of credit. Calls are charged at just 10c per minute and SMS at 10c per message sent. Data is charged at 2c per MB. Or if you need more, you can take our $5 per month plan which includes $5 monthly credit. Calls are charged at 9c per minute and SMS at 9c per message sent. Data is charged at 1.5c per MB. If you need even more inclusions, for $11.90 per month, we have a plan with unlimited standard calls and SMS with 1GB of monthly data.

Your watch should be able to support a 3G 900Mhz or 2100Mhz signal to be compatible with the Vodafone network.

SIM plans on the Telstra network (C Blue plans)

With our C Blue plans, you can get a plan for just $9.90 per month with unlimited standard national calls or SMS and 1GB of monthly data. This is plenty to support all the calling / texting you need and more than enough data to support the GPS location connectivity. You can find this plan here.

Your watch should be able to support a 3G 850Mhz or 2100Mhz signal to be compatible with the Telstra network.

Porting your mobile number to Cmobile – new Pre-port verification process

What is a port?
It is easy to bring your existing mobile phone number to Cmobile. Transferring your mobile number from one provider to another is called a “port”. When you sign up for a Cmobile SIM, you can provide us your existing mobile phone number and either your date of birth, if you have a pre-paid service, or your current account number if its a monthly billed service. We can then “port” your mobile number when you are ready to activate your Cmobile SIM.

What is pre-port verification?
Cmobile is legally required to verify that customers porting a mobile number to Cmobile are the rightful owner of that mobile number. This verfication process is known as pre-port verification, and it has been implemented industry wide to help prevent people from fraudulently porting other people’s mobile phone numbers.

How does it work?
When you activate your Cmobile SIM, a porting process is started to move your mobile number from your existing provider to Cmobile. When this process is initiated you will receive a 6-digit code via SMS to your phone with the mobile number being ported. You are required to enter this 6-digit code in the port verification window as soon as you receive it to complete the number port.

What do I do if I believe someone has fraudulently ported my number?
You should immediately report this to:
(a) the Australian Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police, and
(b) government services, such as Scamwatch and IDCARE, that supports customers whose mobile service number is the subject of an unauthorised port.

What should I do if the port does not work?
If you have any problems with the SIM activation or porting process, please call us on 1300 545 000 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

CMobile introduces a porting PIN – fraud prevention

Cyber-thieves have long been hacking email accounts to obtain bank account details so they can
transfer money out. To combat this, banks introduced a 2 stage verification process, where they will
send a verification code to your mobile phone via SMS when you are transfer money from
your bank account. The transfer cannot proceed unless you input the SMS verification code into the
bank website.

Cyber hackers are now so sophisticated, they can “port” your phone number away from your carrier
without you knowing. If a hacker gets hold of your date of birth and/or your mobile account number,
it is quite possible for them to transfer your phone number away from your carrier. They can then
transfer money from your bank account because they will receive the SMS verification code from the

That’s why CMobile has introduced the “Porting PIN”.

CMobile is the first Australian mobile service provider to introduce a “porting PIN” to combat this fraud.
A porting PIN is a six digit secret number you can set when you open your CMobile account. We set
it up on your account, and to port your number, your porting PIN needs to be quoted, not your
account number or date of birth.

Your porting PIN, like your ATM PIN, is not given out to anyone but you, and will not appear on any
of your accounts or correspondence from CMobile. You need to keep it in a safe place, just like your
ATM PIN. It will make it much harder for a cyber thief to port your number away without your

Tips and tricks to avoid excess data charges

Everyone loves having a reliable mobile service, but very few of us love seeing excess charges on our bills. It’s fine to budget for the expected, but when you’re constantly racking up excess charges on your phone bill, especially for data usage, sometimes that budget can go flying right out the window, taking the hard-earned contents of your wallet with it.

How bad is the problem of excess data charges? Our research at suggests that in 2016, Australians spent a whopping $146 million on excess data charges. That’s a lot of money being spent in situations where a little prudent usage or careful checking could have saved you money rather than you wasting it. With our appetites for data-heavy services such as video messaging, Netflix streaming and online gaming only intensifying, it’s likely that this figure could rise if Australians don’t get wise and save their mobile data for when it’s really needed.

So how do you best manage your mobile usage to avoid excess charges? In a truly nuclear sense, you could always disable data usage on your smartphone entirely, but that’s a radical step that would limit the usage of your existing plan in frankly unacceptable ways. The thing is, you don’t have to be radical. Just follow these simple tips to get your mobile data usage under control.

1) Work out which apps are gobbling up your data.
Did you know that your phone tracks your mobile data usage by app? For iPhone users, head to Settings>Mobile Data to see which apps are the biggest culprits when it comes to data usage. Android users will find the same information in their Settings app, typically under Mobile Networks and then Data Usage, although this varies a little depending on your handset and Android version. If you find any apps that you don’t use any more eating up your data, uninstall them! For apps that you still want to use, keep an eye on any data spikes and consider limiting their background data usage so that they’re only eating up data when you’re using them.

2) Go offline for apps when you can.
Many Australians are big Netflix fans and it’s not hard to see why. The problem is that data usage on Netflix can easily chew up all of your data. Instead of streaming live while you’re out and about (where you may hit buffering issues anyway if you go into a tunnel or hit a very busy mobile cell tower), consider using Netflix’s offline viewing option to preload episodes of your favourite Netflix Original series before you head out. Competitors Stan and Amazon Prime Video both offer this feature for a wide range of TV shows and movies too.

3) Use public Wi-Fi (but use it smartly).
Loads of shopping centres, cafes and other public attractions now offer free public Wi-Fi to entice patrons through the door. Why not use their free services rather than your paid data? The one caveat here is that you shouldn’t perform any private tasks, such as online banking or sending photos, on such networks because you can never know who else might be snooping on your mobile traffic. The use of a VPN, or at least websites that use HTTPS, is a must if you want to browse privately.

4) Make sure you’re on the right plan!
If you’re always hitting your data limit before the end of the month, instead of paying the extra charges every time, have a look at some higher-tier plans. Yes, you’ll pay more upfront each month, but if you’re always blowing past the cheaper limit and paying loads in excess charges, upgrading your plan could actually work out cheaper in the long run. It’s also worth checking for features that let you simply drop data usage for your plan in your current billing cycle, as well as paying attention to usage alerts when they come through.

Alex Kidman is the Tech & Telco editor at

New CMobile plans offer fantastic value!

We’ve recently updated our range of C Red plans to offer even more value to our customers.

  • C Red $9.90 gives you up to 100 minutes of talk with 250Mb of data
  • C Red $16.90 gives you up to 300 minutes of talk with 750Mb of data
  • C Red $24.90 gives you UNLIMITED talk and text with 1.5GB of data
  • C Red $34.90 gives you UNLIMITED talk and text with 3GB of data
  • C Red $44.90 gives you UNLIMITED talk and text with 5GB of data
  • C Red $59.90 gives you UNLIMITED talk and text with 8GB of data

These SIM only plans have no lock in contract and offer fantastic value! You can find our complete range of both Red and Blue plans here on our plans page.

CMobile plan updates – even more value!


At CMobile we are always working behind the scenes to improve our customer experience. After some negotiations with our carriers, we are able to announce that we have increased the value of some of our plans, and also implemented some brand new plans.

All plan changes are effective from the 1st of May 2015. If you are already on one of these plans you don’t need to do anything as you will automatically be upgraded on the improved plan with extra value. If you wish to swap plans, please give us a call and we will schedule the change for you. Of course, all of our plans, including the new ones, come with CMobile’s all Australian expert support and personal service!

Improved C Blue plans!

  • C Blue $19.90 per month plan now includes up to 150 minutes (up from from 133)
  • C Blue $29.90 per month plan now includes up to 250 minutes (up from from 200)
  • C Blue $39.90 per month plan now includes up to 350 minutes (up from from 300)

Excess data rates on ALL C Blue plans Down!

If you exceed your data allowance on C Blue plans from May 1 you will pay just 5c per Mb. This is down from 25c per Mb. We have been negotiating this with our carrier for many months and we are very pleased to be able to announce this outcome.

New C Blue $59.90 plan!

To cater for the bigger users, we have launched the C Blue $59.90 per month plan. This plan includes up to 600 minutes talk time and 3Gb of mobile data.

Improved C Red $9.90 plan!

Our bargain C Red $9.90 per month plan now includes up to 100 minutes talk time (up from 66) and also now includes 150Mb of mobile data (up from 100Mb).

New C Red $59.90 Unlimited plan!

For those who need extra data, we are now have the C Red $59.90 per month Unlimited plan. This includes unlimited talk and text, plus a massive 4Gb of mobile data.

You can view all our plans here

If ever you have a question about any of our plans or anything else, please call or email us.


CMobile introduces data barring at 100% of allowance

CMobile has introduced automated data barring for customers who reach 100% of their monthly data allowance. This means that customers who receive a text alert stating that they have exceeded 100% of their monthly data allowance will have their data service automatically barred until the end of the month, when it will be automatically unbarred.

It is very important to note that this does not guarantee you will never receive excess data charges. CMobile receives call and data records from our carriers overnight in a usage file. This means that the system is not “real time”. Effectively, your data may not be barred until 48 hours after the data session that caused you to reach your monthly allowed limit has occurred. This is not a perfect system, but it certainly limits the time you can use excess data. Data is barred when you receive your 100% data usage notification, not when you hit exactly 100% of your monthly allowance.

Can I continue using data even though I’ve hit my monthly limit?
Yes. Simply call CMobile Support on 1300 545 000, a free call from your C Mobile, or email Our support staff will make sure you understand the excess data charges, and will be happy to unbar your data service.

How do I know if I’m getting close to my data limit?
You will receive data usage alerts via SMS when you have exceeded 50%, 85% and 100% usage. You can also monitor your usage at any time during the month via the “My CMobile” portal on our website. Simply log in with your account number, and the password you chose when you signed up.

Is my voice and SMS going to be barred if I hit my monthly allowance?
No. If you exceed your monthly call and SMS allowance, you are charged at our normal low rates for any excess usage. You will still receive SMS usage alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly voice and text allowances, but your voice and text services will not be barred when you hit 100% of your included value.

I am on a C Red PAYG $0 per month plan. How does this affect me?
If you are on the “pay as you go” plan, you do not have a monthly data allowance, so you will not be affected by this. We recommend you monitor your usage via the “My CMobile” portal on our website.

As always, if you have any questions or need help please call or email our support team.

CMobile plans reviewed on whatphone

We have been reviewed on a new mobile phone comparison site called whatphone. Whatphone has a range of interesting and useful articles in their blog

If you’re already a CMobile customer, you will know the benefit of low cost SIM only plans with no lock in contracts. Why pay more than you need to?

  • You can read the whatphone review of CMobile here
  • A review of our new big data plans here
  • The best pay as you go PAYG mobile plans here
  • Our great value C Blue plans here
  • Stop wasting money and pay less on our Red plans here

Check out whatphone for a range of information to help you save money and be better informed.