Cmobile introduces a porting PIN – fraud prevention

Cyber-thieves have long been hacking email accounts to obtain bank account details so they can
transfer money out. To combat this, banks introduced a 2 stage verification process, where they will
send a verification code to your mobile phone via SMS when you are transfer money from
your bank account. The transfer cannot proceed unless you input the SMS verification code into the
bank website.

Cyber hackers are now so sophisticated, they can “port” your phone number away from your carrier
without you knowing. If a hacker gets hold of your date of birth and/or your mobile account number,
it is quite possible for them to transfer your phone number away from your carrier. They can then
transfer money from your bank account because they will receive the SMS verification code from the

That’s why Cmobile has introduced the “Porting PIN”.

Cmobile is the first Australian mobile service provider to introduce a “porting PIN” to combat this fraud.
A porting PIN is a six digit secret number you can set when you open your Cmobile account. We set
it up on your account, and to port your number, your porting PIN needs to be quoted, not your
account number or date of birth.

Your porting PIN, like your ATM PIN, is not given out to anyone but you, and will not appear on any
of your accounts or correspondence from Cmobile. You need to keep it in a safe place, just like your
ATM PIN. It will make it much harder for a cyber thief to port your number away without your