Ex-MySaver Mobile Customers

On 1st of May 2015, Cmobile acquired the MySaver mobile services. If you were a MySaver mobile customer, you will now enjoy the service offered by Cmobile!

Please find below some important information in regards to your service:

Will there be any changes to my plan?

No, your plan will remain the same. You will still receive the same value and the same call rates as you currently enjoy. However, Cmobile has a number of plans which may represent better value. You can view our plans here and you have the option to move to any of our plans. Cmobile plans have month to month contracts the same as you had with MySaver so you are not locked in!

Will there be any changes to my service?

No your mobile service will not change in any way. There will be no disruption to your service and your network coverage and performance will be the same.

Will my MySaver ADSL service move to Cmobile?

No, Cmobile is a mobile only provider and has only acquired MySaver Mobile services.

Will there be a change to my billing arrangements?

Yes. You will now receive a bill from Cmobile rather than MySaver. Instead of paying MySaver, you will now pay Cmobile. All payment details will be provided on your first Cmobile bill. If you prefer to pay via direct debit, please complete and return a Direct Debit Authority which you can be found here.

Can I still access the MySaver portal?

Yes, and you can continue to make payments through that portal also. Your account number and login to your My Account portal will remain the same.

You can access your My Account portal here

Will I be on a different Standard Form of Agreement?

Yes. Your agreement with Cmobile will be as set out in our Standard Agreement which you can find here. This is where you will also find all our policies, including our Privacy Policy, Financial Hardship Policy and Complaints Handling Policy.

Critical Information Summaries

The Critical Information Summary for your MySaver mobile plan can be found here:

CIS MySaver Cmobile plan

How can I lodge a complaint about the transfer process?

If you are unhappy with anything at all, we’d love for you to contact us so we can hopefully resolve it with you. Our contact details are:

Phone: 1300 545 000 – Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm

Email: support@cmobile.com.au

Address: PO Box 367, Winston Hills NSW 2153

You can also view our complaint handling process here