How to manage your mobile data usage

With mobile networks getting faster and smartphones doing so much, it can be easy to chew through the mobile data allowance on your plan. Did you know your phone or tablet can use mobile data without you even knowing it? Things like software and app updates, email, GPS location services, online games, Facebook and the use of cloud based services can all be using your mobile data.

To help limit your mobile data use and reduce the risk of incurring excess data charges, here are some things you can do:

1. Use secure Wi-Fi networks where available
If you have Wi-Fi at home, turn on Wi-Fi in your phone settings so that you’re using the Wi-Fi rather than mobile data. Set up your app updates to download and sync via Wi-Fi only. You can also look out for free Wi-Fi networks at cafes, stores or your work place.

2. Download a data management app for your smartphone
Good examples are My Data Manager or DataMan. These apps can help you track how much mobile data you’ve used and provide real time alerts. Although not 100% accurate with the mobile network, they provide a good guide if you’re nearing the limit of your data allowance.

3. Take notice of your Cmobile SMS usage alerts
Cmobile will SMS you alerts once you exceed 50%, 85% and 100% of the included data allowance on your plan. Please note, call records from the mobile carrier are up to 48 hours behind so these alerts are not real time.

4. Turn off or limit automatic notifications
Go to your app settings and turn off our limit automatic notifications for apps such as Facebook or mapping services where data is used for GPS / social media. You can also turn off push email.

5. Minimise the use of video streaming and music apps
Video streaming and music apps such as Spotify, Netflix or Pandora can be data heavy. Video streaming can use approximately 500MB of data in just 70 minutes so be careful when using these apps.

We are here to help so if you ever need advice or assistance on your data use, call us on 1300 545 000 or email