Cmobile’s Comprehensive loT and M2M SIMs: Tailored Connectivity for Device and Business Needs

M2M Sims

Cmobile’s Comprehensive loT and M2M SIMs: Tailored Connectivity for Device and Business Needs

In the dynamic landscape of mobile services, Cmobile has been a leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the Australian market since 2012. Beyond offering handset and mobile broadband plans, Cmobile stands out by providing Machine to Machine (M2M SIMs) and Internet of Things (IoT) plans. These plans are designed to deliver secure, reliable connectivity for a variety of devices at competitive prices. With a commitment to flexibility and data pooling, Cmobile’s M2M and IoT plans operate on both the Telstra and Vodafone mobile networks. As specialists in mobile services, Cmobile understands the evolving needs of businesses and is dedicated to assisting in their growth.

Vodafone Network Plans

Cmobile’s M2M and IoT plans on the Vodafone network offer a range of options to suit diverse requirements. The plans, outlined with included data and pricing (excluding GST), provide a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking reliable connectivity. Here is an overview of the Vodafone network plans:

Plan Included Data Plan Price (ex-GST)
1MB data plan 1MB $2.10
3MB data plan 3MB $2.15
5MB data plan 5MB $2.20
10MB data plan 10MB $2.30
30MB data plan 30MB $2.70
50MB data plan 50MB $2.95
100MB data plan 100MB $3.80
150MB data plan 150MB $4.50
500MB data plan 500MB $5.50

All services under the same plan on the same account benefit from pooled data. For instance, an account with 5 SIMs on the 10MB plan will share a data pool of 50MB per month. Excess data usage is charged at a reasonable rate of $0.05 per MB.

Additional charges include SIM cards at $4.00 each or $3.50 per SIM for orders exceeding 100 SIM cards. Standard voice calls are charged at $0.60 per minute, and standard SMS is priced at $0.15 per SMS. Businesses with large fleets can contact Cmobile for customised pricing tailored to their specific needs.

Telstra M2M SIMS

For businesses seeking solutions on the Telstra mobile network, Cmobile offers M2M SIMs and IoT plans on the full Telstra mobile network. To explore plan options and obtain pricing details, businesses are encouraged to reach out to Cmobile for personalised assistance. Call us on 1300 545 000 or email us at

Customer Portal

Cmobile recognises the importance of efficient fleet management for businesses utilising M2M and IoT plans. To facilitate this, Cmobile provides a user-friendly web portal that offers comprehensive features for managing M2M fleets. The portal includes vital information such as usage details, fleet management options, and billing information. The intuitive system ensures that businesses can effortlessly monitor and control their M2M SIM services.

Expert Support

With a team of mobile industry experts based in Australia, Cmobile takes pride in offering unparalleled support to its customers. The expert support team is equipped to assist businesses in finding the most effective solutions for their specific needs. Whether it’s navigating plan options, addressing technical concerns, or providing guidance on fleet management, the Australian-based support team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful experience for Cmobile customers.

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Cmobile extends M2M and IoT plans on the Vodafone and Telstra networks. Businesses interested in Telstra plans can contact Cmobile for personalised assistance, exploring plan options and pricing.

Efficient fleet management is crucial. Cmobile’s user-friendly web portal offers vital features for M2M fleet management, including usage details, fleet options, and billing. The intuitive system enables effortless monitoring and control.

Cmobile boasts a team of Australian-based mobile industry experts. Offering unparalleled support, the team assists businesses in finding effective solutions for their specific needs. Whether navigating plans, addressing technical concerns, or guiding fleet management, the support team ensures a seamless experience.

Contact Cmobile today to enhance connectivity and tailor solutions for your M2M and IoT needs. Call us on 1300 545 000 or email Cmobile is committed to providing cost-effective, reliable, and flexible M2M Sims and IoT solutions for the success and growth of your business.

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