mobile plans australia compare

Best mobile plans in Australia compare coverage and performance

Best mobile plans australia compare coverage and performance

Before choosing a mobile phone plan, it’s important to consider the coverage and performance of the mobile network where you live, work, visit and travel. In Australia, there are 3 mobile network operators: Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. All other mobile service providers, known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) use one of these networks to provide services to their customers. Cmobile uses either Telstra Wholesale (for the C Blue plans) or Vodafone (for the C Red plans) networks with a range of different plans to suit all types of users.

Cmobile is quite unique in offering a choice of mobile networks, whereas most mobile service providers use a single mobile network. This gives customers great choice to use a mobile network that suits them best or having a mobile service on each network with a dual SIM phone to provide two mobile numbers that offers great resilience and redundancy.

Telstra vs Telstra Wholesale

Overall, Telstra has the best mobile coverage in Australia, covering 99.6% of the population. Telstra MVNO’s operate on the Telstra Wholesale mobile network which has a slightly different coverage footprint, covering 98.8% of the population. The main difference can be found in regional and remote areas where quite often, Telstra retail is the only option. Before you purchase a plan, we recommend to check the coverage maps to see if the mobile network suits you. You can check the Telstra Wholesale coverage here.

Is the extra Telstra Retail coverage worth the premium price?

The short answer is, most likely no. If you live in very remote areas of Australia where Telstra is the only choice, then you really have to stump up the cash. However, if you live in regional or metropolitan areas, you won’t notice a difference between Telstra Retail and Telstra Wholesale. In this case, you can save a motza by taking a Cmobile Blue plan vs a Telstra mobile plans australia compared to others.

Here is one example:

Telstra Basic plan – $62 per month with 50GB data

Cmobile C Blue plan – $39 per month with 50GB data

That’s a saving of $23 per month for a like for like plan with the same amount of included data? Don’t need 50GB? This is the lowest SIM only plan Telstra offers, however you could get a plan with less included data for much cheaper with Cmobile with some examples below:

In terms of speed, Telstra comes out on top. According to recent speed tests, Telstra’s 5G network offers the fastest download and upload speeds among the three networks, making it compelling for users requiring high-performance connectivity for activities like streaming, gaming, and large data transfers and a front runner for mobile plans australia compared.

Vodafone Network

The Vodafone network in Australia is part of the TPG Group and covers 96% of the population. The main difference between the Telstra and Vodafone networks are found outside the metropolitan areas where Telstra has more reach. Historically weaker in rural and regional areas, Vodafone has been focusing on urban centres, where it offers competitive 5G services. However, Vodafone has been making strides in improving its network reach through infrastructure upgrades and strategic partnerships. In fact, Vodafone/TPG and Optus recently announced a mobile network sharing agreement to improve coverage in regional and rural areas, due in early 2025.

Cmobile offers C Red plans on the Vodafone network at very cheap prices. You can see some of the C Red plans here:

Vodafone ceased 3G services in April 2024 and now offers 4G and 5G services only. The 5G network is currently being rolled out in selected areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast. Within these cities, 5G is available in selected areas in 3000 suburbs.

You can check the Vodafone coverage maps here:

Optus Network

The Optus network covers around 98.5% of the Australian population. While their rural coverage isn’t as comprehensive as Telstra’s, Optus has been expanding its 5G network, providing solid coverage in metropolitan and suburban areas. Optus has also been making significant investments in improving their network and regional infrastructure following a major nationwide network outage in November 2023 which saw the entire network go down for more than 12 hours leaving customers stranded with no service.

Optus MVNO’s have the same coverage footprint as Optus retail. The 3G network is due to be turned off from 1st of September 2024 around the same time as Telstra. The 5G network continues to be rolled out offering good speeds, especially in urban areas.

In summary of mobile plans australia compared

Before you choose a new mobile plans australia compare its mobile network covers the places where you work, rest and play. You can save lots of money avoiding the major Telcos and going with an Aussie owned MVNO such as Cmobile.