New M2M & IoT Plans

Cmobile M2M & IoT Plans

M2M and IoT SIM Plans for your device and business needs

Cmobile has been operating as an MVNO in the Australian market since 2012. Due to a recent acquisition of Kiss Mobile and iKonnect Global, we are now pleased to offer M2M and IoT SIM plans. We provide secure, reliable connectivity for your devices at low prices. We have a range of flexible plans with data pooling, delivered on the Vodafone Australia mobile network covering 97% of the Australian population. As mobile specialists, we understand your needs and can help you grow your business.

Vodafone network plans

Plan Included Data Plan Price (ex-GST)
1MB data plan 1MB $2.10
3MB data plan 3MB $2.15
5MB data plan 5MB $2.20
10MB data plan 10MB $2.30
30MB data plan 30MB $2.70
50MB data plan 50MB $2.95
100MB data plan 100MB $3.80
150MB data plan 150MB $4.50
500MB data plan 500MB $5.50

All services on the same plan on the same account have pooled data. E.g. An account with 5 SIMs on the 10MB plan will share a data pool of 50MB per month. Excess data usage charged at $0.05 per MB.

Other charges:

SIM cards $4.00 per SIM or $3.50 per SIM for orders over 100 SIM cards

Standard voice calls charged at $0.60 per minute

Standard SMS charged at $0.15 per SMS

Contact us for customised pricing for large fleets

We also offer solutions on the Telstra mobile network. Contact us for plan options.

Customer Portal

Cmobile will provide a web portal for management of your M2M fleet. Usage information, fleet management and billing information are all provided in a easy to use system.

Expert Support

We are mobile industry experts. Our Australian based team will be pleased to help you with your solution.

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