phoning the uk from Australia

Phoning the uk from Australia

Phoning the UK from Australia involves a few straightforward steps, but understanding the specifics can help you avoid any unnecessary complications or extra charges. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make those calls efficiently and economically.

Dialing Process

When you want to call a UK phone number from Australia, whether from a mobile phone or a landline, you need to follow a specific sequence:

  1. Dial the International Access Code:
    • For mobile phones, you typically use the “+” symbol. You can enter this by holding down the “0” key on your mobile phone until the “+” appears.
    • For landlines, you will need to dial the Australian international access code, which is “0011”.
  2. Enter the Country Code for the UK:
    • The country code for the UK is “44”.
  3. Enter the UK Area Code:
    • Omit the leading “0” from the UK area code. For example, if the UK number is (020) 7766 4700, you would dial “20” instead of “020”.
  4. Dial the Local Number:
    • Simply enter the remaining part of the phone number after the area code.


To call the UK number (020) 7766 4700 from an Australian mobile, you would dial: +44 20 7766 4700

To call the same number from an Australian landline, you would dial: 0011 44 20 7766 4700

Cmobile Plans and Costs

If you are using a Cmobile plan, several options can help you manage costs efficiently for Phoning the UK from Australia:

  • C Blue Plans: For users on C Blue plans starting from $25 per month, unlimited calls to the UK are included at no extra charge. This can be particularly cost-effective if you make frequent international calls​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​.
  • International Roaming: If you are traveling to the UK, Cmobile offers a roaming day pack for $10 per day. This pack includes unlimited calls and texts, making it convenient to stay connected without worrying about high roaming charges​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​.

Additional Tips

  • Remove Leading Zeros: Always remember to drop the leading zero from the UK area code or mobile number when dialling. This is a common point of confusion but essential for the call to go through properly.
  • Using the “+” Symbol: Modern mobile phones interpret the “+” symbol as the correct international access code for the country you are calling from. This means you can use the “+” symbol instead of “0011” even when you are travelling outside Australia​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​.
  • Check Plan Details: Review your mobile plan details to understand what is included and whether any additional charges apply for international calls. Cmobile’s various plans may have different features and benefits, so choosing the right one based on your calling habits can save you money.

Cost Management

  • Monitor Usage: Cmobile provides online tools to help you monitor your usage. By logging into your Cmobile account, you can keep track of your international call minutes and avoid unexpected charges​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​.
  • Plan Upgrades: If you find that you are making a lot of international calls, consider upgrading to a plan that includes unlimited international minutes to the UK. This can be more cost-effective than paying per call or per minute when phoning the UK from Australia.

Phoning the UK from Australia Conclusion

Calling the UK from Australia is simple once you understand the necessary dialing codes and sequences. With Cmobile, you can benefit from plans that include unlimited international calls, helping you stay connected with family, friends, or business contacts in the UK without incurring high costs. Always check your plan details and consider your usage patterns to select the most economical option.

For more details on international calling and to explore the plans that best suit your needs, you can visit Cmobile’s support page (Cmobile Buy Now)​​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​​ (Cmobile Buy Now)​.