• $9.90/
  • 300minutes or TXT15c / min Standard National Calls
    15c Standard National TXT
    Unlimited calls to anyone on Cmobile C Red plans
  • 500MBmonthly data
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A low cost SIM only mobile plan perfect for seniors and light users!

Included $45 credit gives you up to 300 minutes of standard national calls

  • Free calls to anyone on Cmobile C Red plans nationally 24×7*
  • 500MB of monthly data included
  • No lock-in contract
  • Keep your existing mobile number
  • Fast, easy sign up

Plan Details

Included credit $45.00
Minimum Term 1 Month
Standard national calls 15c per min
13, 1300, 1800 calls 15c per min
Voicemail Deposit & Retrieval 15c per min
Connection fee 0c
National TXT 15c per TXT
International TXT 25c per TXT
National MMS 75c per MMS
Included data 500MB
Data rate / Excess data rate 5c per MB (Billed in 10Kb units)
Cost of a two minute standard national call 30c
Cost of sending a standard national TXT 15c
Full Rate Plan
International Rates
Critical Information Summary