Netcomm NF20MESH bundled with a satellite


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NetComm NF20MESH+NS-02 Bundle CloudMesh Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band System

Includes 1x: NetComm NF20MESH Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 CloudMesh VDSL/ADSL2+ Gateway + 1x NetComm NS-02 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 CloudMesh Satellite – NF20MESH+NS02

 Mesh-enabled for seamless connection to the CloudMesh Satellite
· Automated Wi-Fi issue resolution with Wi-Fi AutoPilot
· Gigabit connection to high-speed fibre networks
· Vertical PCB and Antenna design for increased Wi-Fi coverage and cooling
· Two (2) Gigabit ports for versatile connectivity (Satellite)

Router – The Ultimate Wi-Fi Fixer

Bringing the modern, adaptive Wi-Fi experience to the home user, the Wi-Fi 6 CloudMesh Gateway is a CloudMesh-enabled Gateway that utilizes Wi-Fi AutoPilot and the Wi-Fi Analytics Platform to deliver a world-class home Wi-Fi experience. Bring the new adaptive Wi-Fi experience to your home with the CloudMesh Gateway (NF20MESH).

Satellite – Seamless Wi-Fi Coverage

The CloudMesh Satellite brings the modern Wi-Fi experience to the home, expanding the coverage, minimizing dead zones and increasing customer service satisfaction. Paired with a CloudMesh Gateway, the Satellite utilizes innovative roaming technology to seamlessly transition Wi-Fi clients from the Gateway to the Satellite and has integrated platform support for the Wi-Fi Analytics Platform. The CloudMesh Satellite (NS-02) works wirelessly with a CloudMesh Gateway (NF20MESH), forming a single robust Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh network coverage.

Wi-Fi 6 is Here

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. Delivering significant speed, performance and efficiency improvements, it provides up to four times more device capacity than Wi-Fi 5. These improvements enable end users to stream higher quality with more network devices while operating optimally. Your Wi-Fi 6 Gateway will future-proof your Wi-Fi experience and enable smart devices throughout your modern, connected home.

Mesh Enabled

The CloudMesh Gateway comes equipped with CloudMesh, and when wirelessly paired with a CloudMesh Satellite, it can form a robust Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh network. With all the controls and setting centralized on the Gateway, it becomes the Wi-Fi Mesh master node, and the Wi-Fi client device can roam seamlessly between the Gateway and paired Satellites.

Adaptive Wi-Fi

Providing Wi-Fi AutoPilot as standard and integrated platform support for the Wi-Fi Analytics Platform means that CloudMesh can offer a superior data-driven Wi-Fi experience; both for the end user (The Wi-Fi AutoPilot dynamically and automatically scans and analyses the environment constantly, adjusting the Wi-Fi parameters as required), and for the service provider (The Wi-Fi Analytics Platform enables greater visibility into the Wi-Fi environment, reducing associated support costs and providing a better, more intuitive service).

Wi-Fi AutoPilot efficiently processes data at the edge and is designed to reduce latency and superior performance in real-time applications (such as gaming and video conferencing).

Easy to Pair with Satellites

Zero-touch provisioning (via a user-friendly cloud portal) or in-home setup (using the WPS button) makes pairing the CloudMesh Gateway with CloudMesh Satellite simple and easy for the end user.

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