Review and compare unlimited mobile plans

Mobile plans with “unlimited” national calls and SMS are commonplace in Australia. Most mobile operators offer these plans but it’s important to highlight the differences and hidden catches!

At Cmobile, we offer a range of C Red unlimited plans with different data inclusions to cater for all types of users. Our C Red unlimited mobile plans represent some of the best value in Australia starting from just $24.90 a month with 1.5GB of included data. Our full range of C Red unlimited mobile plans are:

• C Red $24.90 Unlimited talk and text with 1.5GB data
• C Red $34.90 Unlimited talk and text with 3GB data
• C Red $44.90 Unlimited talk and text with 5GB data
• C Red $59.90 Unlimited talk and text with 8GB data
• C Red $69.90 Unlimited talk and text with 10GB data
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All our plans have no lock-in contract and run for a full calendar month, not 28 days like some of our competitors. Cmobile plans are post-paid which simply means we send you a bill at the end of the month and then you pay, rather than paying up front with a prepaid plan.

Most prepaid operators offer “unlimited” plans with a 28 day billing period. It might not sound much difference but over a year you will have to pay for your plan 13 times vs 12 with a monthly billing period. The other way to look at it is if we compare a C Red $24.90 plan vs a prepaid $24.90 plan with 28 days expiry. The cost per day on the prepaid plan is $24.90 divided by 28 days = $0.89 per day. If you had a full month with average 30.4 days the cost would actually increase by $2.13 so the equivalent cost would be $24.90 + $2.13 = $27.03! You are not only paying more but also paying up-front for the privilege!

Another thing to be aware of is what types of calls and SMS are actually “unlimited” in your plan. Some operators charge extra for calls not included as “unlimited”. With C Red Unlimited plans, we include all standard national calls, SMS and MMS as well as unlimited international SMS. If you’re with another mobile operator, make sure calls such as 13xx, 1300xx, voicemail and MMS are included as unlimited in your plan. With unlimited international SMS in C Red unlimited plans, it’s a big bonus and can save you lots of money if you like to send SMS to friends overseas.