Connecting to CMOBILE

I’ve signed up online. How long until I get my SIM?

After completing the sign up process, we will process your application and if approved, your new SIM will be dispatched to you the next business day by priority mail as standard or by express post if you have selected this option.

What kind of SIM card do I need?

CMobile will send you a multi-fit SIM card that will fit in all mobile devices. When you receive your SIM card, carefully push out the SIM from the credit card size plastic body. Once you have the SIM pushed out, you can then push out the smaller sizes to fit your phone. Be careful not to push too hard and damage the plastic. If you push out the wrong size, you can carefully click them back together to produce the correct size SIM to fit your device.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes it is easy to bring your existing mobile number to CMobile. Simply complete the Porting Information during the sign up process and we complete the transfer to you.

Please note, we will not start transferring your number until you have received your new CMobile SIM, and you have requested us to activate it. It is important to tell us your correct account number with your current provider so the transfer will complete smoothly.

How long does it take for my number to be transferred in and how will I know?

Most transfers are completed within the hour. Simply continue to use your old SIM until the service stops working, and then plug in your new CMOBILE SIM. It will be active with your existing number attached to it.

My phone is locked to another carrier. How do I unlock it?

If your phone is locked to another provider, you need to contact the provider to unlock your phone. The contact numbers are below.

Vodafone: call 1300 650 410 or visit
Telstra: call 125 111
Three: call 133 320
Crazy John’s: call 132 299
Optus: Call 1300 555 002

What is a porting PIN?

Traditionally, mobile carriers require either your date of birth (for prepaid plans) or your account number in order to port your number. This means if a hacker has accessed your mobile number and/or date of birth or account number (e.g. from your bill), they can port your phone number away. CMobile has introduced a 6-digit porting PIN so that your number can only be ported by providing this PIN. CMobile will store your PIN on your account and it will not be visible to anyone other than CMobile staff. This means if a hacker gains access to your mobile number and date of birth or account number, they will not be able to port your number away without your PIN.

When is number porting available?

The Standard Hours of Operation for mobile number porting in the Australian Telco industry are Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 AEST, and Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:00 AEST. Porting is NOT available on the following days:

New Year’s Day
Australia Day
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Christmas Day

For all other Public Holidays, Porting may be reduced to Saturday hours.

How do I change my CMobile plan?

All CMobile plans are monthly plans. You are free to change to a higher
or lower plan at the end of each calender month. Simply give us a call
on 1300 545 000 or email at any time, and we can
schedule the change to go through at the end of the current month.

NB. If you wish to change from a C Red plan to a C Blue plan or vice
versa, we will need to send you a new SIM, as they operate on different
networks. This will incur a replacement SIM charge of $4.90, which will
be added to your next bill.

I cannot send or receive SMS

If you receive an error trying to send or receive SMS or MMS, try the below:

1. Restart your phone: Turn your phone off and on again to refresh your network connection.
2. Check coverage: Make sure you’re in a coverage area by checking the maps for C Red plans or C Blue plans.
3. Try making a voice call to confirm whether it’s an issue with your whole service or just messaging.
4. Free up space: If your inbox and sent messages folders are full, you may be unable to send messages. Delete old messages to free some space.

Message Centre Number
If your phone allows you to make changes to your message centre number, make sure that it’s set to the correct number.
For C Red plans use ‘+61415011501’
For C Blue plans use ‘+61418706275’

On most phones, you can go to settings and find the option for ‘Message Centre Number’.

If you have an iPhone, you can check it by dialing *#5005*7672#.
If you then need to correct it, you can dial:
**5005*7672*+61415011501# for C Red plans, or
**5005*7672*+61418706275# for C Blue plans

iMessage on iPhones
If you’re using an iPhone, check if the message you’re trying to send is enclosed in a blue bubble.
If so, this indicates that it’s trying to send the message over the internet rather than as an SMS, so you will require working mobile data or access to a Wi-Fi network.
To turn off iMessage entirely, simply go to Settings > Messages, and turn ‘iMessage’ off.