Support/FAQs / How can I reduce my data consumption?

If you have a smartphone and you download data heavy apps, it’s easy to use all your monthly data allowance. Here are some tips on how you can reduce the amount of mobile data you use:

  • If you have a smartphone with wifi, switch it on. Using wifi when available will greatly reduce the amount of mobile data you use. Try to download apps and large files over wifi where you can.
  • Minimise the use of video streaming and apps such as Spotify, Netflix or Youtube.
  • If you turn off apps that automatically push notifications such as facebook and GPS services and use them manually, you will save a lot of data.

You can download some nice free apps for monitoring your data use such as My Data Manager for Android or DataMan for iPhone. These apps are not 100% accurate but give you a good idea on how much data you are consuming. Of course, you can always log into your My CMOBILE account and check your data use which is updated daily.

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