Support/FAQs / How do I turn off Voicemail?

Voicemail is a handy tool for callers to leave you a recorded message if you are not able to answer a call for any reason. If your phone is turned off/unreachable, your call rings out, or perhaps you decline the call, a caller can elect to record a message for you to hear. However, not everyone wants a voicemail service so this is how you turn voicemail off.

If you don’t want voicemail on your Cmobile service, just follow the steps below:

C Red plans
To turn off voicemail for C Red Vodafone mobile network plans, dial ‘1210’ from your handset to stop calls diverting to voicemail. This will then divert calls to a service called Call Catcher instead. Call Catcher is an alternative to voicemail which provides callers the option to send their number to you as an SMS. If you want to turn off Call Catcher also, simply dial ‘121600’.

C Blue plans
To turn off voicemail for C Blue Telstra mobile network plans, simply dial ##002# and hit call/send.

As always if you need help, you can contact us at or via our messenger service.

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