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To call a phone number in New Zealand from Australia, you need to do the following:

When calling a NZ phone number from your mobile, you first need to add the country code of +64, followed by the area code and then the local number.
To enter “+”, hold down the “0” on your phone keypad for a second until the “+” symbol appears, then press 64. Remember to remove the leading “0” from the area code/mobile number if there is one.

For example, to dial the number (09) 361 1234 from your Australian mobile you need to dial +64 9 361 1234.
If calling from a landline, replace the +64 with 0011 64, so it would be 0011 64 9 361 1234.

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Call a New Zealand number from your mobile:
1. Enter the “+” symbol on your keypad by holding down the “0” key until it appears*
2. Enter the NZ country code (64)
3. Enter the NZ area code (remember to remove the leading 0 if there is one)
4. Enter the NZ local number

*Your mobile phone converts the “+” into the correct international code no matter what country you are calling from. In Australia, this is 0011 so the “+” replaces 0011. You can do this anywhere in the world if you are roaming in another country.

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