Support/FAQs / What data speeds should I expect?

The speed of your data depends on network coverage and device capabilities.

On C Red plans the 3G mobile solution has average download speeds of 1Mpbs and upload speeds of up to 384kbps. 3G+ is the next generation of network using DC-HSPA+ (Dual Carrier-High Speed Packet Access) technology designed to deliver faster download speeds. Expected download speeds are up to eight times faster than the 3G average download speed of 1Mpbs. Speeds will vary due to a range of factors including the device type, areas where Vodafone 3G+ is activated, peak and off-peak usage times and distance from the nearest base station. Data capacity and speed experienced may be slower and can vary due to coverage, location, hardware and software configuration, capability and load of sites visited and general network and internet traffic.

On C Blue 4G plans you will enjoy access to download speeds of up to 100Mbps on 4G across 92% of the population. 4G devices will enjoy typical download speeds of 2-50Mbps and upload speeds of 1 to 10 Mbps in 4G coverage areas. On 3G, typical download speeds are 1.1 – 20 Mbps across more than 85 % of the population, 550Kbps – 8Mbps across more than 95% of the population, and 550Kbps – 3Mbps in remaining coverage areas reaching 98.8% of the population. Typical wireless packet data upload speeds on the 3G network are 300kbps to 3Mbps across more than 93% of the population and in remaining coverage areas 300kbps to1Mbps.

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