Support/FAQs / What is Databank?

Databank is a feature that allows you to save any unused data from each billing cycle up to a total of 500GB. For example, if your plan includes 30GB of data but during your billing period you only use 20GB, then 10GB will be saved in your databank. In a future billing period, if you exceed your plans included 30GB, you will then consume data from your databank that you have previously saved. Cmobile offers the databank feature on all C Blue handset plans.

To check your databank balance dial *159# from your mobile and press send, just like making a phone call. You will then be sent the balance of your current included data and your databank.

If you downgrade your plan, you will lose any data saved in your databank and you will need to start again. However if you remain on the same plan or upgrade to a higher plan, your data will continue to be saved and accumulate.

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