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eSIM on C Blue Telstra network SIM plans

eSIM on C Blue Telstra SIM only plans

Cmobile now offers eSIM on C Blue Telstra SIM only plans delivered on the Telstra Wholesale network in Australia. If your mobile phone or device is eSIM capable, you can now order an eSIM from Cmobile as an option rather than the traditional physical SIM card. This article discusses the difference between a traditional physical SIM and an eSIM.

What is a SIM card?

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is the small plastic card with a chipset located in your mobile phone. The SIM card is used to connect you to the mobile network to use your Cmobile plan. Traditional mobile phones and devices required this physical SIM card but in recent years this has evolved with some mobile phones and devices already having eSIM capability.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM or Electronic SIM is a digital version of the physical SIM card. If you have a mobile phone or device with eSIM capability, you can download an eSIM from Cmobile rather than using the physical SIM card. This means you can instantly download an eSIM from Cmobile and connect straight away rather than waiting for a physical SIM card to arrive. eSIMs are used in mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, drones, vehicles and IoT devices. They save space and time for connectivity.

What devices are eSIM capable?

Most mobile phones made in the last couple of years are eSIM capable. Models such as the Apple iPhone SE, 13, 14 & 15, Samsung Galaxy S23, S24, Z Fold, Z Flip and A54, Google Pixel 7 & 8, Motorola moto g 5G 2023, g stylus 5G 2023 and Razr 2023 all support eSIM. You can check your phone by going into the SIM settings and confirming if eSIM is showing.

How can a Cmobile eSIM benefit you?

There are many benefits of eSIM. The first is the speed of connection. With a traditional SIM you need to purchase the Telstra SIM only plans card from a store or wait for delivery which can take days. With eSIM as soon as you place an order the eSIM is sent to you via an email with a QR code to download and connect you straight away. Most phones with eSIM enable you to subscribe to multiple carriers at the same time. This could enable you to have both a personal and business number on the same phone or allow for network redundancy. It also allows you to connect to an overseas network easily if you are travelling as an alternative to expensive roaming charges. Of course, there is also the benefit of no environmental waste with traditional plastic SIM cards.

How do you activate a Cmobile eSIM?

It’s very simple to activate a Cmobile eSIM for our C Blue Telstra network mobile plans. We will email you a QR code to scan with your mobile phone. You then follow the onscreen instructions on your mobile phone.

For iPhone:

Tap Add Mobile Data Plan.

Once completed, you will be able to see the eSIM added on the device.

For Android:

Once QR code is scanned, the device will check the SIM information, click ‘Add’ and the device should start to download and install the eSIM profile.

Once your eSIM has been loaded, re-start the device and check connectivity. You should be ready to make calls, SMS and use data.

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