Warning to all iPad and iPhone users from Cmobile

We have seen a number of Apple device users (iPhone/iPad) report that their devices have been “hacked” remotely by an unknown malicious source and locked. A message then appears on the screen stating that the device can be unlocked by paying a US$100 ransom to the attacker via PayPal. The attacker is going by the name Oleg Pliss, and the message reads something like:

“Device hacked by Oleg Pliss. For unlock device, you need send voucher code by 100 usd/eur (Moneypack/Ukash/PaySafeCard) to email: lock404@hotmail.com for unlock”

There has recently been a couple of high profile attacks where eBay and Adobe passwords have been stolen. People have a tendency to use the same password over and over again. It is likely that these hackers are trying these stolen passwords on multiple platforms, including the Apple one. In this case, the hackers are using the “Find My iPhone” feature to remotely lock the device after hacking in to the iCloud platform via the stolen password. They then change the password, and demand a ransom to unlock the device:

Cmobile strongly suggests that you change your iTunes/iCloud password immediately and also make sure it is unique. Also, set up a passcode on your device, so there is a two-stage verification process.

To set up a passcode on your iPhone or iPad, please refer to the below link:

To change your iCloud password, please refer to the below link:

If you have been targeted in this attack and your iPhone/iPad is currently locked, please refer to the below link from the Apple Support site, which has some suggestions to resolve the problem:

If you are not sure how to proceed, please contact Cmobile at support@cmobile.com.au, or give us a call on 1300 545 000 and we would be happy to assist you in restoring your device.