What is NBN SkyMuster?

What is nbn Sky Muster?

What is the nbn® Sky Muster® Satellite Service?

The NBN SkyMuster satellite service delivers the nbn network to homes and businesses in regional and remote Australia, via two state-of-the-art satellites. C Mobile is an authorised Sky Muster® Satellite provider, and can hook you up to a Sky Muster® Cmobile Premium+ plan with unlimited data, subject to the nbn® fair use policy.

Who Is Eligible to use nbn SkyMuster®?

nbn® Sky Muster® can be delivered to any fixed structure in Australia where other nbn® services are not available. Simply use our nbn® address checker (LINK TO ADDRESS CHECKER) to check if you are eligible for a Cmobile Sky Muster Premium+ unlimited satellite nbn® service. If you can’t find your address on the address checker, contact our support team on 1300 545000, and we will have your home added to the nbn® registry at no cost. Your address will be available to place an order for installation within 48 hours.

What is The Set Up Cost of Sky Muster® Cmobile Premium+ nbn® Satellite Plans?

Standard installation for a Sky muster® Cmobile Premium+ nbn® Satellite service is free. Installation includes a satellite receiver dish on the roof, and the nbn® modem (NTD) inside the house. Multiple Sky Muster installations can be made on a single property, with the limitation of 1 per inhabited building. Installation is possible on solar powered or “off grid” properties. Simply specify if you need an AC or DC powered unit. Here is a diagram of a typical set up.

What is the Ordering Process for a Sky Muster® Cmobile Premium+ Satellite nbn® Service?

When you’ve selected your NBN Skymuster® Cmobile Premium+ Satellite nbn® plan our team will arrange for an nbn® technician to make contact with you to arrange the installation time and date. The typical lead time for installation is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on technician availability. The technician will install a satellite receiver (dish) on your roof and an nbn® modem (NTD) inside your house free of charge. Please watch this short video of what to expect on the day of installation

NB The equipment installed remains the property of nbn® and should not be removed, even if you move.

Do I need a Wifi Router?

Your NBN Skymuster® Cmobile Satellite Premium+ nbn® service can be used via an ethernet cable to a single device, but most homes use a wifi network, so everyone can connect wirelessly to the internet. If you have a wifi router already it should work, as long as it has a WAN port that provides DCHP. The Cmobile support team can provide advice on what router is best for your situation. Set up is as easy as connecting the wifi router to the nbn® modem via an ethernet cable. CMobile and Internet can supply a “plug and play” router if you require one. Simply select in the online application process.

What Speeds Should I Expect on Cmobile and Internet Sky Muster® premium plus satellite nbn® Service?

There are 3 speed tiers available on Sky Muster® Plus Premium satellite nbn® Service; 25mbps, 50mbps and 100mbps. All of our great value plans (LINK TO PLANS) feature unlimited downloads, no lock in contracts, free standard installation and Cmobile’s all Australian-based expert support team. You won’t be charged until your service is activated.

BYO Router Set Up Guide

Please note, Cmobile agents are not trained in the specifics of most routers. We will always do our best to assist you, but for router specific assistance, you may need to contact your manufacturer. A list of major manufacturer’s help lines is at the bottom of this article for your NBN SkyMuster service.

1. Please be sure to connect the ethernet cable coming from the NBN UNI-D port into the WAN, Internet or LAN/WAN port on your router. Do not connect it to the LAN port.

2. Connect your computer to the router via LAN 1 (preferred) or to your routers’ Wifi network. The router’s default Wifi Network Name and Password will be labelled on the back or bottom of your router.

3. To log into your router please open a web browser. Enter the Default Access/Gateway web address labelled back or bottom of your router.
Examples of Default Access/Gateway addresses found on various routers

D-Link: or http://dlinkrouter.local or
Netgear: or or http://www.routerlogin.com
Sagemcom F@st: or or

4. At the router login page, please enter the username and password listed back or bottom of your router. Please be aware some routers will have a different process, so please complete the required steps to successfully login to your router.

5. Please click on Settings/Internet or Quick Setup/Setup Wizard to begin.

NOTE: All routers are different if you need help consult your router manual – searching for Dynamic IP or IPOE or DHCP or Obtain IP Address Automatically to help guide you.

7. Set your Internet Connection Type to Dynamic or IPOE or DHCP or Obtain IP Address Automatically (depending on the router preference), No VLAN ID and do not clone MAC address and save your settings. Please note your internet connection does NOT require a Username and Password to be configured in your router setup.

If your router requires an Operation Mode please choose Wireless Router mode. Wireless Router Mode is an Operation Mode feature of TP-Link routers and needs to be selected to connect to the network. You can find this by clicking the Advanced tab and selecting Operation Mode from the menu on the left of the page.

If your router asks for WAN Interface please choose Ethernet WAN or IPOE

8. Your router will now save your settings and reboot.

9. Test your internet connection by browsing to a website.

Telstra routers will generally need to be Factory Reset before successfully connecting to a new network.

Perform a Factory Reset by leaving your router powered on. Use a paperclip or something sharp press the reset button on the bottom of the unit and hold it for 10-15 seconds then release.

Allow a few minutes for the router to reboot after a factory reset.

If issues persist consult your router manual or contact your router supplier

If you wish to purchase a fully supported Cmobile and Internet router, please do so here

Major Manufacturer Router Support Lines

TP Link 1300 875465
D Link 1300 700100
Netgear 1300 361254
Asus 1300 278788
Huawei 02 9928 3888
Linksys 1800 605971
Netcomm 02 94242070

Power Cycling Your Equipment

Sometimes there are transient outages, with either the power or the nbn network. Most of the time, your equipment will reconnect, and you may not even notice. However, sometimes your equipment may need to be power cycled. This simply means switching your equipment off and on. Often this is all that is needed to restore your service and is a great first step if your service is not working.

  1. Turn Off both the nbn® box and your wireless router at the power points.
  2. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Turn on the nbn SkyMuster® NTD box back on
  4. Wait another minute, then turn your wireless router back on
  5. It could take up to 15 minutes for the service to reconnect.
  6. After 15 minutes try to connect to the internet on your device.
nbn SkyMuster

Trouble Shooting Guide

Please see our comprehensive step-by-step troubleshooting guide for your NBN Skymuster below.